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New Car Protection

New Car Protection

They say our cars will be the second biggest purchase we will ever make and with the prices of new cars skyrocketing, owner’s are hanging on to their car longer than ever before. So, it makes a lot of sense to protect our new car to keep it looking new for many years to come!

With our New Car Protection Service, not only will you enjoy a car that will look new for many years but you will also enjoy the ease of washing and maintaining that shine! Ceramic Coatings has been around for years and has been the choice of protection for professionals and consumers. We offer professional grade ceramic coatings that range from 1 to 5+ years! 


Whether you go with our 1-year, 3-year or 5-year ceramic coating, all new cars will go through a thorough wash and detail process. We start the process by giving your wheels, tires and fenders a thorough cleaning using the least aggressive method first. We then do a full vehicle wash and decontamination, including the glass. What’s unique with our decontamination process is that it’s a 2 step process. Our 1st step is to chemically clean the pores of the paint to remove any water spots or mineral buildup that may have happened while your new car was sitting outdoors at the car dealership. Our 2nd step is a fine grade clay bar treatment to restore smoothness and remove fall out contamination. When selecting our 3-Year or 5-Year, your new car will go through our machine enhancement polish. This will bring out the shine! 

Entry Level

1-Year Ceramic Coating

For those who want Ceramic Coating Protection but have a budget, our 1-Year Ceramic Coating Package is the right fit for you!

Mid Level

3-Year Ceramic Coating

For many years, our 3 year ceramic coating has been our most popular service. 


5-Year Ceramic-Titanium Coating

If you want the best, longest lasting coating, this is it! Featuring Liquid Armour’s Ceramic-Titanium made up of high solids and high quality materials. You will definitely enjoy the slickness, gloss and shine this coating will give your new car!

Note: Ceramic Coatings will require proper care using proper products and techniques for it to last. It is not 100% “bulletproof” and rock chip/waterspot/scratch resistant.