Exterior Services

Our exterior detail package will get your car looking like it was when you first bought it!

Our exterior detailing services are not the typical “quick wash” you are probably use to seeing around.

What makes our exterior detailing services unique is the paint decontamination and machine polishing portion of the detail.  Although a long process, it will bring back that “smooth as a baby’s butt” feel and gloss/shine that your vehicle once had.  From there a durable paint sealant is applied to protect it for months!

What is the Size of My Vehicle?

Small : 2 door coupes, mini trucks

Medium: 4 door family size/compact sedans

Large: Mid size SUVs and trucks

Extra Large: Full-size SUVs, trucks, and vans

Exterior Paint Enhancement Detail

Small – $300 | Medium – $330 | Large – $380| X-Large – $420
*restore gloss and remove very light paint imperfections

Included Services
  • wheel faces and inner barrels (if accessible) cleaned and sealed for protection
  • tires and fender wells (if accessible) cleaned
  • exterior citrus foam bath pre-soak to help loosen surface contaminants followed by high pressure rinse
  • 2nd foam bath for added lubrication during the 2 bucket hand wash method
  • door jambs and intricate exterior areas (grill, emblem(s), etc.) cleaned
  • hand dry and crevices blown dry
  • water spot (type 1) and mineral build-up removal
  • clay bar treatment
  • light machine polish to restore gloss and remove very light paint imperfections
  • topped with paint sealant for added protection
  • black trim, tires and fender wells dressed

4.5+ hours

Additional Exterior Services

Engine Detail

It is recommended that your engine be detailed every time you do an oil change.  Appropriate cleaners and various brushes are used during this process.  After the cleaning process, most engine components such as valve covers, rubber hoses, plastic pieces will be dressed with a water-based dressing.

Starts at $30 (light engine cleaning, top accessible areas)

Water Spot Removal

“What are water spots and what causes them?” I’m glad you asked!  Water spotting is simply the mineral deposits that has been left behind after water (with minerals) has evaporated off the surface.  The longer these water spots sit, the more difficult it will be in removing them.  There are 2 types of water spots TYPE 1 and TYPE 2:

Type 1 – water spots that lay above the surface

Starts at $15 – $30 per affected panel

Type 2 – water spots that have etched into the paint/clear coat leaving behind an imprint or crater.  The process in removing Type 2 water spots can take hours or days to remove. Depends on the severity.

(contact us to schedule a free consultation)

Glass Polishing / Sealing

Restore clarity and visibility with our glass polishing / sealing service!  A dedicated glass polish is used to remove light to moderate glass defects.  These defects could cause unsafe driving due to the lost clarity and visibility.  A dedicated glass protectant is then applied protecting your glass for months! Water will simply bead and roll off making it safe for you to drive during rainy weather.  Add this service for a “complete detailed” look!

Starts at $95 

Headlight Restoration

A new pair of headlights can cost a few hundred dollars! Get them restored to save a few bucks!  This process is done using multiple wet/dry sanding stages to remove the worn out factory UV coating then polished out to restore clarity.  A protective headlight UV Coating is applied to last up to 1 year (with proper care).

MINOR Headlight Restoration:
In some cases, headlights that has light haziness or oxidation may only need a minor restoration which includes machine compounding to cut through oxidation and a polish to restore clarity.  This service starts at $30.

MAJOR Headlight Restoration:
If the factory UV protection on the headlights has completely failed (peeling, cracking, etc.), it is necessary to remove the failed factory UV protection via multiple steps dry/wet sanding.  Machine compounding and polishing are followed after the sanding steps.  This service starts at $75.

NOTE: we only perform restoration on the outside of the headlights. We do not restore the inside housing of the headlights.

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