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Lustrous is defined as “having luster: shining” and that’s what we do to every automobile that receives a detail from us.

We aim to achieve that initial deep, vibrant and rich color that your vehicle had the day you got it.

Each vehicle is treated with love and care using proper techniques and top rated car care products reviewed by consumers and other professional detailers.

The detailing industry is constantly changing and that’s why we are constantly searching and incorporating different detailing techniques and products that can better serve your detailing needs.

Customer satisfaction and having you fall in love with your vehicle again is our top priority!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is auto detailing?
Auto detailing is the performance of thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a level of quality that is satisfying to one’s needs.



Auto detailing is broken down into two components: Exterior and Interior.  There are specific products in the detailing industry that focuses on the detailing aspects of both of these components.

What is the goal of auto detailing?
While every vehicle is different in current conditions, every person’s goals are not the same either. The goal of auto detailing is based off of what your goal is.

Our responsibility is to meet your expectations. We’ve made it a bit easier for you to decide what your goals are by creating set detailing packages.

How much does a detail cost?

Please refer to our services page and browse the different packages we have to offer. Also, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Why have my car detailed when I can bring it to the car wash?

Drive through type car washes focus more on quantity than quality. Imagine this, you’re waiting in line behind a 4×4 with mud all over it, it goes through the rotating brushes.


You’re next and you go through the same rotating brushes as the 4×4, which is covered in mud and rocks. Ouch to your delicate paint! It is now scratched up and needs some serious polishing.

This is just one of the many reasons why you should have your car professionally detailed by someone who cares for your vehicle.


When should a car be detailed?

Once a vehicle has received our Level 1 or 2 Detail, it is good practice to have it maintained with our monthly Maintenance Detail. Level 2 service could be done every 6 months.


Weather and driving conditions are also factors of when a car should be detailed.

There are car washing techniques that anyone can learn and do by themselves that reduces the risk of scratching the paint during the washing and drying process and not stripping off current sealants/waxes. Ask us how!


What types of issues will auto detailing address?
As a detailer, there are certain imperfections that we can see that an average person cannot or do not notice.


We are here to address that problem and see if you want to fix the problem while keeping your budget in mind.

What issues will auto detailing NOT fix?
All details are unique in its own way.

There will always be new issues that detailing cannot address. Here are a few common ones: deep scratches that reaches bare metal requiring body work and repainting, oxidized paint that reaches to point of clear coat failure (peeling), major stains (esp. on light colored interiors).

What kind of detailing products do you use?
The products/tools we use are top rated by other enthusiasts/professional detailers around the world. Products/tools such as; Meguiars, Adam’s Polishes, Flex polishers, Chemical Guys, Menzerna, Griot’s Garage, Sonax, Nanoskin, just to name a few.

New products and tools are always being introduced to the detailing industry allowing us to work more efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Our goal is not to remain stagnant, but always learn new techniques that will better serve your detailing needs!

I'm not sure what my car needs. Can you take a look at my car and recommend what I need?

SURE!  Contact us and schedule a free consultation!

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