Protective Coatings



What are Protective Coatings?

Protective Coatings also known as ceramic coating, nano-coating or glass coating, are the most durable form of paint protection on the detailing market today!  It commonly comes in 20ml-50ml bottles in liquid form then hardens when applied and fully cures.  Unlike waxes and sealants that last several weeks to a few months, coatings can last several years when properly applied and maintained.

The gloss retention, self cleaning abilities and ease of maintenance are also the benefits of a coated vehicle!

What do Protective Coatings do?

Coatings offer much more longer protection lasting several years and will make the surface of your vehicle hydrophobic (water-fearing) causing water to easily roll and sheet off the surface making drying your vehicle an enjoyable experience rather than a task.  Raining?  Drive in the rain and you’ll arrive to your destination almost completely dry! What does this mean?  Your vehicle will stay cleaner longer and will be easier to maintain.  Dirt and grime stuck to the coated surface will require less effort and time to remove!

What Protective Coatings don’t do?

Lets face it!  We live in a dirty world!  Eventually your coated vehicle will get dirty, get bird pooped on, rained on and whatever else this world will throw at your vehicle.  Coatings are not bulletproof and if improperly cared for, it will deteriorate way before the advertised longevity.  Letting contaminants such as bird droppings, hard water, fallout, etc. sit on your coated vehicle for long periods of time will eventually harm the coating so it is best to get the contaminants off a.s.a.p.!  Coatings do not protect from rock chips or from that run away shopping cart!

Are Protective Coatings right for me?

If you enjoy a clean looking car and most importantly enjoy cleaning your vehicle properly, then coating your vehicle may be what you are looking for!  But, if you plan to run your vehicle through the automated car wash or improperly take care of it, coatings may not be for you.  We take the time to properly prep your vehicle and apply the coating so a proper maintenance regime after the coating application is highly encouraged!

How is a coated vehicle properly maintained?

There are several detailing products from car soaps to maintenance spray sealants that are meant for coated vehicles.  No more going down to the auto store and guessing what you need!  We also offer maintenance detailing for coated vehicles as well.  A biweekly/monthly maintenance detail is highly suggested to keep your coated vehicle in top shape!

Here at Lustrous Detail, we currently offer 22ple and IGL coatings.
Feel free to do your research on both brands

Coating installation starts at $300 for a single coat. A 2nd coat can be applied at additional cost.

*coating installation price does not include the required prep work.  Detail and prep work prior to coating application will be additional charge and is required.

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