Paint Correction

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of removing paint defects that lie below the surface of the paintwork of your vehicle permanently.  These defects are but no limited to: swirl marks, fine scratches, water spot etchings, bird dropping etchings, improper wash scratches, oxidation, deep scratches often called RIDS (random isolated deep scratches).  Some RIDS may be to deep that it may be unsafe to completely remove.  Overtime, these defects can make your paintwork look dull and faded.  Paint Correction involves removing microscopic layer of paintwork to level out defects revealing true clarity and high gloss.  Because of this, we highly recommend paint correction to be done (if you need it) once in your car’s paint lifetime.

Who can benefit from Paint Correction?

New showroom vehicles and vehicles that have seen years of neglect can benefit from paint correction.  Just some vehicles may need less paint correction than others and vice versa.  The most obvious result of paint correction is the increase in shine and gloss.  Every vehicle can benefit with a little more shine right?

What happens after Paint Correction?

It is crucial you incorporate a proper safe washing regime after paint correction to reduce/prevent paint defects.   Start with a 2-bucket wash system, DO NOT wash under direct sunlight, use high quality towels and PLEASE dry your vehicle rather then letting it air dry.  The problem with air drying is that once the water has evaporated, it will leave mineral deposits causing water spots!   Doing this can greatly reduce paint defects during the washing process. Also, making sure your paint has some form of protection (wax, sealant, ceramic coating) is great in protecting your paint from the harmful UV rays of the sun, industrial fall out and other harmful contaminants!

The Process…

Your vehicle will be detailed as normal with our Exterior Detail.  Washed and fully decontaminated to expose bare clean paint.  Since all paint finishes are not made equally, our approach to paint correction is first done by doing several test spots on the paintwork to determine what combos of products and machines will work best to get the desired results.

Once we’ve locked in our process, we begin the paint correction process.  We use several LED lights and the sun light to make sure we are getting the results we want during the whole process.  Paint Correction can take several days to complete and is labor intensive.

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Here are some examples of our Paint Correction service.  Pictures below are 50/50 Before and After shots.  Enjoy!

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