New Vehicle Protection

Because you and your new ride deserve the best

Why does my car need a detail? It’s brand new.

People ask me this question all the time. “It’s brand new, it looks pretty clean. Why would I need a detail?”

I always reply with “It’s brand new to you yes, but where has it been all this time before you bought it?”

What most people don’t see and don’t even think about is that your vehicle has to travel from where it was made to your home.

Imagine this, your car was probably made somewhere other than here in Hawaii. It has to travel across the sea, sits at a pier, then moved to a vehicle facility until an order has been placed to bring it to the dealership.

Your car has spent most of its life exposed to the environment and most dealerships will only spot detail your vehicle before handing it off.

You and your brand new car deserve better than that, which is why I created the New Vehicle Protection Package.

The package is only available to new vehicles that have been purchased within the past month As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need clarification.

New Vehicle Protection

Small – $900 | Medium – $1100 | Large – $1200 | X-Large – $1500
*Available only for vehicles purchased within the last month

Included Services


  • Thorough vacuuming
  • UV Protection on all vinyl/leather surfaces
  • Fabric Protection on carpeted floor mats
  • Door jambs cleaned and sealed
  • Windows cleaned in/out


  • Light cleaning of all accessible engine components
  • Rubber and other engine components dressed
  • Main valve cover protected with a dedicated trim/plastic coating (if applicable)

Wheels and Tires:

  • Wheels cleaned and decontaminated
  • Wheels sealed for protection up to 3 months (makes future cleanings much easier)
  • Tires and fender wheel liners degreased and dressed with a premium water-based dressing

Exterior Paint:

  • Foam bath pre-soak to help lift off any dirt/contaminants followed by a high pressure rinse
  • Gentle 2-bucket hand wash
  • Rinse and hand dry, cracks and crevices safely blown dry
  • Paint decontamination via clay bar and/or iron fall out remover
  • Level 1 Paint Correction to permanently remove light to moderate paint defects and restore gloss and clarity
  • All chrome exterior trim polished and protected

Paint/Trim Protection

  • Entry level paint coating applied to painted surfaces (up to 1 year protection when maintained properly)
  • Trim coating applied to black exterior trim to retain its “new look” for up to a year when maintained properly

Exterior Glass/Window:

  • Exterior glass/window lightly polished to restore clarity
  • Dedicated glass sealant applied lasting up to 4 months when maintained properly

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