Maintenance Detail

Okay, I got my car detailed. Now what do I do?

Whether you received our Exterior Enhancement Detail, Paint Coating or Paint Correction service, it’s best you incorporate some kind of maintenance routine to keep your vehicle looking “fresh”.  Your driving habits and where your vehicle spends most of its time will greatly determine how often you will need a maintenance detail.  But since our paint sealant is rated up to 3 months, we recommend coming in for a maintenance detail at that 3 month mark.

This time around, your vehicle be a lot easier to clean and a lot faster to clean.

Feel like doing the maintenance yourself?  We can also recommend detailing products for you to use!

The best part of a maintenance routine is that I can continue to check on the paint sealant’s performance and re-apply if needed and also check the smoothness of your paint to determine if it will need decontamination or not.

Exterior Maintenance

Included Services
  • wheel faces and inner barrels cleaned and re-application of sealant for protection
  • tires and fender wells cleaned and dressed
  • foam bath pre-soak followed by high pressure rinse
  • hand wash via 2 bucket wash method
  • exterior intricate areas cleaned, door jambs cleaned
  • hand dry, crevices blown dry
  • clay bar paint surface and/or waterspot/mineral build-up removal (if needed)
  • re-apply paint sealant
  • dress black trim

Interior Maintenance

Included Services
  • clean rubber floor mats (if applicable)
  • complete vacuum
  • wipe down interior (leather, door panels, dashboard, etc.)
  • clean glass

Price for maintenance detailing ranges between $100 – $220.


From the time I complete your initial detail to the your next maintenance detail appointment, anything can happen to your vehicle.  Whether your vehicle got hit by the sprinkler causing water spots or went to the beach and now your interior has sand or you drove down a freshly paved road causing tar to stick to your paint, these factors can greatly affect the final price of your maintenance detail.


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