Interior Services

Get the interior of your vehicle squeaky clean!

From quick vacuums to in-depth interior cleaning and everything in between, we got the right interior package for you!

What makes our interior detailing services unique is that we treat each interior as if it was our own!

What is the Size of My Interior?

Small : 2 seater cars/trucks

Medium: 4 seater compact/sedan/trucks

Large: 5 seater mid-size SUV

Extra Large: 6+ seater full-size SUV/Vans

Interior Detail

Small – $95 | Medium – $125| Large – $145 | X-Large – $175

Included Services
  • initial blowout of intricate areas, cracks and crevices
  • initial vacuum of entire interior
  • clean rubber floor mats if applicable
  • shampoo floor mats ***complete shampooing available!
  • spot clean upholstery and carpet
  • gentle cleaning of leather and vinyl components, door panels
  • gentle cleaning of leather seats (if applicable, add $30+)
  • water-based UV conditioner applied to all leather and vinyl components, door panels
  • clean and spray seal door jambs
  • clean glass

1.5+ hours



PET HAIR – if an extreme amount of pet hair is present in the interior, price will go up!

SAND – if sand is present in the vehicle, price will also go up! Overtime, sand can seep through the fibers of the carpet making it extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to completely remove depending on the carpet’s structure.  Take care of them ASAP!

CAR SEAT – if infant/child/toddler car seat(s) are left in vehicle, WE WILL NOT remove them.  We will clean around them.

CLEAR YOUR INTERIOR – please clear your interior of ALL personal belongings prior to drop off on your scheduled appointments.  If for any reason your personal belongings are found during our detailing process, we will take utmost care of them and place them in bags which will then be placed back into your interior once interior detail is complete.

TRASH – if obvious trash (i.e. candy wrappers, cigarette butts, gum, crumpled receipts, loose candy, french fries, etc) is found in your vehicle it will be thrown away.


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